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1) What’s your name? Steven

2) When’s your birthday? Janurary fif

3) Where are you from? Born L.A. now in Portland!

4) Have a crush? Yep!

5) What’s your favorite color? Black, to match the icy hole where my heart once was. 

6) Write something in all caps. LOUD NOISES!

7) Got a favorite band/artist? Slayer, maybe Michelangelo (Just saw some of his stuff in Rome)

8) Favorite number? i (square root of -1)

9) Favorite drink? Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, or Boneyard RPM IPA

10) Tag seven people: murrderousheart legalise-drugs-and-murder deedeedeosculate misscreatureefeaturee nisakuv thejoose vomit-queen

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